Why Does My Garage Door Stop Halfway?

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Whether you recently upgraded to a new garage door or you’re still relying on your older one, a door that gets stuck halfway does nothing but bring frustration. You can never go wrong calling on a professional garage door repair service to fix the issue, but it’s also good to know some of the common garage door issues homeowners in Victoria and Vancouver Island endure. Understanding why your garage door stops halfway can potentially help you fix the problem yourself and prevent the door from getting jammed in the first place.

Your Photo Eye Isn’t Aligned

Homeowners’ most common issue is when their garage door photo eye isn’t aligned. The photo eye determines if it’s safe for the garage door to open. If something is in the way or the photo eye lenses aren’t aligned correctly, your garage door will fail to properly open and close. Photo eyes are extremely sensitive, and there are plenty of reasons they can cause problems with your garage door, including:

  • Dirt and debris blocking the lenses
  • Objects obstructing the lasers
  • Excessive use causes misalignment
  • Faulty wiring
  • Flickering lights

Garage Door Tracks Out of Line

Listen closely to your garage when the door opens and closes. Do you hear a grinding or uncommon noise? Put the garage door in manual mode and try to raise it up. If you feel resistance or hear weird noises, your tracks are likely out of line. You must cease using your door, as popped door rollers and warping on the tracks can lead to excessive repair costs.  Immediately reach out to your local garage door contractors to align your tracks and prevent the issue from occurring again with regular maintenance from a local garage door company.

Check the Remote Controller

Automatic garage doors are controlled by a remote or a panel mounted on the wall. If these are compromised, your remote controller can send faulty signals to your garage door or cease operations altogether. Occasionally, homeowners try to use their garage door remote out of range or forget to replace the battery. Sometimes the wall-mounted panels have lock buttons that stop them from operating, or the wiring of the door controls is off. Diversify your ability to open your door by downloading apps that allow you to troubleshoot issues through your smartphone.

Adjust the Force Limit Settings

Force limit (also known as force adjustment) and simple travel limit settings tell your garage door how much pull it needs to open and how far up and down the garage door needs to go. Sometimes, these settings are thrown out of whack after getting maintenance or a new door installed. Consult your owner’s manual to determine how to fix the problem, but it’s always safer to get a professional to adjust the settings for you.

Check the Springs

Springs are extremely important to the operation of your garage doors and typically need to be replaced more often than any other garage part. Broken springs are very dangerous to handle, so if you notice any signs of damage to your system, contact a professional immediately. If the motor of your door runs but the door doesn’t move (or gets stuck halfway), or if you see springs dangling from your system, you might have faulty springs. In addition, check the top portion of the door and note any misalignments or strange sounds when attempting to operate it.

Unsure What’s Causing Your Faulty Garage Door?

Can’t seem to diagnose the reasons why your garage only opens halfway? Tedford Garage Doors provides garage repair services that can identify and repair any issues. Don’t let your faulty door hold you back any longer. Reach out to us today, and you’ll be one step closer to getting your garage door back on track.

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