All About Garage Door Weather Stripping

garage door weather seals

Besides keeping the wind out, your garage door is also responsible for keeping the rain and snow out. It is understandable that the garage door does most of the work when it comes to weather protection, but the seal is just as important. If your garage door doesn’t align PERFECTLY to the frame, which most do not, then you’re left with up to an inch of space between the door and the building for the weather to creep in.

Weather sealing or weather stripping fills that gap. Even a small gap between your garage door can and garage can cause some serious damage. If your garage door is not protected with a weather seal or the seal is damaged, rainwater can seep in and cause a layer of ice during the winter.

Annual Weather Stripping Inspection

You should check the condition of your garage door’s weather stripping at least one to two times a year. Be sure to inspect the edges of the door when the door is closed. You should look at the areas between the door and the side jambs as well as the section that lines the bottom of the door (usually attached to an aluminum boot).

Check each section for the following:

  • Is there any light coming through?
  • Is there a breeze outside or any air coming in or going out?
  • Is there any cracking, flaking, missing, or brittle sections or pieces?

If you answer no to these questions, the weather stripping is good to go for another season. It’s recommended that you make the habit of replacing all weather stripping sections at the same time, in order to ensure an even seal. Otherwise, the entire trim or section that’s affected will likely need to be replaced.

Improved Heating & Cooling

Besides protecting your garage’s interior from flooding, weather stripping is also an excellent way to improve your home’s insulation. During the summer months, weather stripping keeps cool air inside. In the winter months, weather stripping keeps cool air out, stabilizing the home’s interior temperature.

Properly installed weather stripping around the exterior garage door can greatly reduce the risk of energy loss, while it is also advisable to seal the door connecting the garage to the main living area of the house. Additionally, the bottom of the garage door will not scrape against the concrete or pavement, preventing premature wear of both the door and the floor.

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When compared to the long-term benefits it provides, installing or replacing weather stripping is relatively inexpensive.

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